Who Should Know About TeenDrugTest?

Why TeenDrugTest?

  • 100% Confidential. Client identity is protected and coded on forms and Report Results.
  • TEENDRUGTEST urine kits can be sent to a Parent/Care Giver’s residence, business, or to a Health Care Specialist’s office.

  • Parent/Care Giver, and Authorized Health Care Specialist have a unique opportunity to speak to a Forensic Toxicologist about results.

  • TEENDRUGTEST offers customizable testing to meet the needs of your treatment center or individual practice.

  • Our Comprehensive menu of drug testing services offered by our Accredited Laboratory are too numerous to list; and are updated as they appear or disappear on the streets.
  • TEENDRUGTEST wants to be your go-to-person. We realize teamwork is the key to success. That’s why we are available for any questions and/or concerns. Appointments are available.

  • All cases are overseen by a Certified Forensic Scientist, with a specialty in Drug Analysis.

  • Don’t be put in the position of second guessing results when testing comes back negative.

  • This is your chance to get it right.

Midsection of male researcher analyzing urine samples in medical laboratory