When To Test Your Child for Drugs

Why TeenDrugTest

Test Your Child Before…

  • Grades suddenly drop in school

  • Unexcused absences lead to suspensions

  • Your child flunks out of school

  • Your cash and jewelry disappear

  • Police become involved and your child loses their scholarship to college

  • A felony conviction ruins your child’s future

  • Needle use leads to hepatitis or AIDS

  • Permanent neurological and physical disorders develop

  • An ambulance rushes your child to the emergency room

  • You lose your child, FOREVER

Sad Young Man with Knapsack on the Porch of the House

Depressed Teenage Girl Sitting In Bedroom With Pills

Close-up on the floor of the syringe with the drug. In the background, a young drug addict

Client identity is protected and coded on forms and report results.
All tests are analyzed by an Accredited Laboratory that is up-to-date with new designer drugs.
All cases are overseen by a Certified Forensic Scientist, with a specialty in Drug Analysis.
Because a Pediatrician’s primary focus is dealing with diseases, pediatricians in general are not aware of the revolving door of designer drugs, nor do they understand the techniques and instrumentation a Toxicology laboratory uses. Pediatricians are not familiar with the different laboratory panels or testing combinations labs offer, or don’t offer at all. This is very important because the pediatrician is the one who selects the type of testing to be done.
Because the American Board of Pediatrics doesn’t want to damage the rapport between the doctor and the patient, most pediatricians won’t test your child for drugs if the child says s/he doesn’t want to be tested.
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I Want to Test My Child for Drugs

If you think your child may be abusing drugs, you're probably right. Test your child now and start getting them the help they need.
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A Substance Abuse Professional Wants My Child Tested

I want to test my child for drugs, have the findings shared with a professional, and allow for him/her to consult with the toxicologist.