Test Your Teen for Drugs Before It’s Too Late!

Have a certified forensic scientist oversee your child’s testing.

Why TeenDrugTest?

  • TEENDRUGTEST is operated by a Certified Forensic Scientist with a specialty in Drug Analysis.
  • TEENDRUGTEST uses intelligence collected through law enforcement agencies to stay abreast of new designer drugs and substances as they emerge in the community.
  • TEENDRUGTEST uses an accredited laboratory that is regarded as one of the best, if not considered the premier lab in the entire country with its research in designer drugs.
  • TEENDRUGTEST uses an lab that is quick to respond to new substances that appear on the streets, and continuously updates the substances they test for.

Midsection of male researcher analyzing urine samples in medical laboratory

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I'm Afraid My Child may be Abusing Drugs

If you're afraid your child may be abusing drugs and you want to have drug testing performed by an accredited drug testing lab and overseen by a certified forensic scientist, find out more.
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My Child is in Treatment for Substance Abuse

I want to test my child for drugs, have the findings shared with a professional and allow for him/her to consult with the toxicologist.
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