Frequently Asked Questions about Drug Abuse & Testing

When your child comes home, or out of their bedroom and displays behavior that is different from their normal behavior, and you suspect they are high.
First thing in the morning is when the urine is most concentrated due to the lack of intake of water, and because the urine has not yet been voided. The chance of finding a drug in the urine increases.


Take a urine sample at the time you feel your child is high, before they void their urine. If your child keeps urinating, the substances in their urine become dilute as urine is being produced and voided. This lowers the concentration of the drugs, & the chances of seeing the drug in the urine.

A specimen cup with an attached temperature strip, and an affixed label “URINE SPECIMEN COLLECTION”.

  • An absorbent cloth (in case of leakage)
  • A piece of security tape labeled “CONFIDENTIAL” which will be used to seal the urine cup.
  • An ice pack which needs to be folded in half & placed immediately in the freezer when you receive the kit so it is frozen when you need to mail your kit to the lab.
  • An “Analysis Requisition form”
  • An adhesive laboratory plastic bag (which will later on contain the tape sealed cup, sealed with Confidential tape, along with the absorbent cloth; and the request for Analysis form in the outer pocket of the plastic bag.
  • A box labeled TEENDRUGTEST (which all of the above contents will be inserted into)
  • A pre labeled plastic mailing pouch from Fed Ex. for mailing your urine kit over- night priority mail which will get to the lab by 10:30 am the next day. (The above box containing all the above contents will be placed into the Fed Ex. pouch for mailing.)
No one ever said this was going to be a walk through the park. Are you really surprised they said no? Your child most likely will be upset, angry, even scared that what they have been doing will be exposed. They know there are consequences if it’s found out they are using drugs.

You, the parent are at this stage because you are scared for your child’s safety. The decision to drug test your child did not happen overnight. Changes in their school grades, behavior, friend group, & appearance have made you suspect that your child is on something. This problem will not go away by itself. Think about it this way: If you ignore the problem, can you live with yourself if/when your child becomes part of a statistic?

Here are some suggestions on how to respond to your child when they refuse to give you a urine specimen so you can submit it for drug testing.

Tell them:

  • I’m not asking you if you want to do this. I’m telling you, you have to do this.
  • You have no choice.
  • This has already been decided. There is no discussion on this subject.
  • You are living in my house. You are giving me a urine sample.
  • Give me your car keys. If you don’t pee in this cup for me, you are not driving your car, my car, or any other car in this house.
  • If you have nothing to hide, why do you mind peeing in a cup?
  • If you don’t pee in this cup for me, you lose your right to have a credit card. Ask for the card back. If your child refuses to give the card to you, tell them you’ll call on the phone and cancel it that way.
  • Threaten to freeze their bank account(s) unless they do what you asked.
  • Do not let them negotiate the terms of providing a urine sample. “I’ll do it but you can’t be in the bathroom with me”. You need to be in that bathroom with them to ensure a good urine sample is taken.
  • Let your child know they don’t make the rules, you do!
Don’t threaten to test their urine-just do it.

Letting your child know you’re contemplating drug testing gives them the opportunity to ensure they pass the test. There are numerous ways that are known to drug users to “beat the system”.

  • Purchasing “clean” human urine to substitute your child’s urine, or synthetic urine.  The urine can be stored in a small jar, or even a condom. When a condom is used a small hole is   made in the condom. When the condom is squeezed, a sound of streaming urine can be heard to make this sample very believable. Storing the container in a warm part of the body such as your arm pits can raise the temperature of the cups contents to 98 degrees which is the temperature observed when urine is excreted.
  • Diluting the urine sample with toilet water or sink water and heating the cups contents to 98 degrees by means of a hand warmer or storing the container in a warm part of their body for a period of time can also raise the temperature of the cups contents.
  • Drinking large amounts of water prior to giving a urine sample will lower the concentration of the drug metabolites in the urine.
  • Contamination of the urine sample by soap or other foreign matter from your child’s fingers can interfere with the testing results.
  • Urinating into the cup at mid or end steam contains less metabolites than urine at the beginning of the stream. Beware if your child intentionally misses the cup when they first start urinating.
  • There are numerous detox kits on the market that can be purchased in an attempt to mask the results of a test.
  • Over the Counter Methods: Taking vitamins B-2 or B-12; zinc sulfate; Aspirin; Midol; Cranberry Juice; Creatine; Fruit Pectin
  • Exercise: sweating the toxins out of your body
  • Too many more to list….
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