About TeenDrugTest

TEENDRUGTEST was created in response to the lack of thorough and complete drug testing options for parents and health care specialists.

Pediatricians’ efforts to help combat drug abuse are hamstrung by the dictates of The American Board of Pediatrics which recommends pediatricians not test a child for drugs if that child does not give his/her consent, regardless of the parent’s wishes. Parents feel powerless in getting their teen drug tested.

To compound the problem, even when drug tests are ordered, many drug testing laboratories do not have the ability to test for current designer drugs and fail to communicate this limitation to parents. As a result, parents may be relying on incomplete or false negative test results leading to potentially fatal consequences. This is a risk no parent should have to take.

TEENDRUGTEST offers parents and authorized health care professionals the ability to get a teen tested for suspected drug abuse by a company overseen by a Certified Forensic Scientist with a specialty in Drug Analysis by an accredited laboratory with up to date data and testing abilities for the newest designer drugs.

TEENDRUGTEST is your chance to GET IT RIGHT.

Why TeenDrugTest?

  • TEENDRUGTEST is operated by a Certified Forensic Scientist with a specialty in Drug Analysis.
  • TEENDRUGTEST uses intelligence collected through law enforcement agencies to stay abreast of new designer drugs and substances as they emerge in the community.
  • TEENDRUGTEST uses an accredited laboratory that is regarded as one of the best, if not considered the premier lab in the entire country with its research in designer drugs. Numerous large drug testing companies that don’t have extensive designer drug testing capabilities will send their sample to this lab for such testing.
  • TEENDRUGTEST uses an accredited laboratory that is quick to respond to new substances that appear on the streets, and continuously updates the substances they test for based on this intelligence.

Why Not Some Other Drug Testing Service?

  • Most commercial labs involved with drug testing are not on the forefront of receiving intelligence on the drug market. TEENDRUGTEST actively collects and uses law enforcement agency intelligence!
  • Some labs use primitive methods to reach their conclusions. They employ color tests which can give both false positives and false negatives. Color tests are not known as a confirmation test; they are screening tests at best. TEENDRUGTEST uses a laboratory that is regarded as one of the best, if not the premier lab in the country for research, analysis and testing of designer drugs!

    Don’t be put in the position of second-guessing results when testing comes back negative!

  • Many drug testing labs don’t update their testing for controlled substances. They continue to test for substances which are not seen on the streets anymore; or even more important are not able to test the new designer drugs due to cost, or the inability of the laboratory to perform the analysis. TEENDRUGTEST uses a laboratory that continually updates its drug analysis and testing for all new designer drugs as they infiltrate the streets.

Our Forensic Scientist

  • Over 29 years of experience working in county, city and state-run Forensic Labs on the East Coast

  • American Board of Criminalistics (ABC) Certified
  • Specialty in Drug Analysis
  • Background includes working as a Police Officer, and working undercover in college buying drugs for 3 different agencies
  • Testified as an expert witness in the analysis of controlled substance on over 40 cases
  • Forensic Affiliations: The American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS), Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists (NEAFS)
  • Positions held in NEAFS include: President, President Elect, Secretary, Director, Ethics Chair, Membership Chair, and Scholarship Chair
  • Related Training:
    Through the Eyes of an Analyst: Emerging Drug Trends and Contraband Concealment; Designer Opioid Special Session; Instrumental Chromatographic Separation Techniques for Forensic Analysis: Application to the Analysis of Emerging Drugs; The Opioid Epidemic: Trends, Challenges, & a Path Forward; Designer Drug Workshop; “Clan Labs of Concern: Beyond Meth”; Emerging Drugs 2013: The Ever-Evolving Drugs of Abuse Situation …Issues, Analyses, Laws, and the Future; Bath Salts and Synthetic Drug Investigations; Applications of GC-IR: Emerging Drugs and Structural Challenges; “Emerging Trends in Synthetic Drugs Workshop”

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